Desert Bite IPA
Desert Bite IPA

Desert Bite IPA

A beer for those who take on the elements no matter the season. Take the fruity. Leave the haze. 

For four generations, we've relied on grit and perseverance to thrive in a challenging desert landscape. To celebrate, we created our IPA Rotator Series, a collection of hop-packed beers, each representing a unique characteristic of life in Yakima's hop country. This beer is the third release in the series.

ABV 7.1% | IBU 55

Price - $50 ($10 flat rate shipping cost is included in the price)

For gift purchases, be sure to email to include a gift message.

Ships to WA residents only & in (1) case quantities. (1) case = 24 cans. Shipping cost ($10) is included in case price. To find our beer in other states check out our beer finder.

**Please Note: All Bale Breaker beer is heavily hopped and unfiltered, so some sediment may be present.

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