Sesiones del Migrante

5 thousand miles, 5 breweries, 2 countries, 1 cause. Sesiones del Migrante is a series of beers brewed for the first time in 2017 in collaboration with Mexican and American breweries to celebrate the Mexican migrant workers who travel to the Yakima Valley to harvest hops for breweries across the globe. 

In 2019, the partnership continues among the founding breweries and Yakima Chief Hops. Look for a new Mango IPA from Bale Breaker Summer 2019. Release event is May 4, 2019 (a Saturday this year!) and we'll have a michelada bar, mariachi, taco trucks, a pop-up gallery by Latina artist Christie Tirado and more. We are proud to support La Casa Hogar with proceeds from the Sesiones del Migrante Mango IPA. 

Sesiones del Migrante: A conversation with Roberto Polina Sr. 
Sesiones del Migrante: A conversation with Diego Perez
La Casa Hogar's mission to connect and educate Latina families. 
The Beer: 2019 Sesiones del Migrante Mango IPA (5.9% ABV 30 IBU). 


At Cerveza Mexico - a national trade show - Esteban Silva, of Cervecería de Colima (Colima, Mexico) found his first collaborator: Cerveza Loba (Guadalajara, Mexico). From there, Yakima Chief Hops agreed to donate hops for the project, and then Silva reached out to Bale Breaker Brewing Company (Yakima, WA) as well as two up-and-coming California breweries– Ronin Fermentation Project (Truckee, CA) & SouthNorte (San Diego, CA).

In May 2017, two of Bale Breaker’s brewer-owners, Kevin Quinn and Kevin Smith, traveled to Mexico to brew in Guadalajara and Colima. At Cerveza Loba, the brewers concocted Loba Nómada, a NE IPA featuring hand-peeled mangoes, a homegrown ingredient. In Colima, they brewed Vale Bale, an IPA with local coconuts. According to Cervecería de Colima, Vale Bale is “a beer inspired by all those people who leave their place of origin, with the firm aspiration to find a better quality of life.”

In early August 2017, brewers from all four collaborating breweries came to Yakima to brew Bale Breaker’s inaugural Sesiones del Migrante Mango IPA featuring the freshest Yakima Valley hops.

Sesiones del Migrante Mango IPA will be released again for Summer 2019, and a portion of the proceeds will again benefit La Casa Hogar, a Yakima non-profit that connects and educates Latina families.

“We’re happy that this brewing collaboration will create awareness of the hard work of Yakima’s Latino community. Their work both during harvest and year-round is essential to creating the hoppy beers everyone loves,” said Meghann Quinn, owner/business manager at Bale Breaker. "We look forward to this partnership continuing into the future." 

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