Bale Breaker Brewing Company - Bale Breaker & Jameson Pub Crawl

January 16, 2018

Bale Breaker & Jameson Pub Crawl

Whiskey and beer have almost always lived behind the bar together. To celebrate this lasting kinship, Jameson has partnered with 16 craft breweries, including Bale Breaker, to be part of the Jameson Caskmates Drinking Buddies program. 

In January 2018, look for The Ossifier, an IPA that is being aged in Jameson barrels and will see more hops in the fermenters before being kegged in limited quantities. Of the beer, Kevin Smith, Head Brewer, says, "The beautifully layered malt bill is not only enhanced by time spent aging in Jameson barrels, but the dry hops were carefully chosen to pair with the aromatics of the whisky."

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Watch a short video on the collaboration at Thrillist

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