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May 11, 2018

Hop Stove Society w/Tom Douglas

Seattle Beer Week special cooking class at Tom Douglas' Hot Stove Society! Via Washington Beer Blog 

The theme for the night is cooking for IPA. Not cooking with IPA, but conceptualizing and cooking dishes to pair with IPA. This is a cooking demonstration class, which means all you have to do is learn, eat and drink. You’ll walk away with recipes, a brain full of new ideas, a belly full of great food, and probably a bit of a buzz.

This Hop Stove Society event provides a chance for you to drink some great IPAs and eat some amazing food. Seattle Beer Week (May 10 thru 20) features no shortage of beer dinners, but this is more than that. It’s an educational experience with lots of beer and food. We are calling this Hop Stove Society event Cooking for IPA. See the menu and details below.

Usually, Tom Douglas Restaurants calls its cooking school in downtown Seattle the Hot Stove Society, but when we take it over it becomes the Hop Stove Society. For this event, that name rings especially true. We’ll drink hoppy beers, discuss hoppy beers, and cook food to pair with hoppy beers. If you like food and IPA, then this event is for you.



Chronic Foods @ BBBC

Chronic Foods will be here serving their delicious tacos and burritos from 3:30-7:00pm!


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