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May 01, 2022


There's nothing quite a Crafted meal and a fresh off the farm brew, so stop by and enjoy both today. 

1801 Birchfield Road
Yakima, Washington 98901

Leota Mae Day

First a beer, and now a whole day - we'd give her more if we could. Join us this Sunday, May 1st, for Leota Mae Day, celebrating the matriarch of our family, our great-grandmother, Leota Mae. 

Let's rewind about 90 years back, about a year before the prohibition ended - Leota Mae planted our family's first hop crop. Described as “a force to be reckoned with” and “a woman before her time”, it never occurred to Leota that there was a job she couldn’t do. That is to say, if an irrigation ditch needed to be dug, crops needed to be picked, or workers needed to be fed, she was the lone woman on the crew beside (or in front of) the men, getting the job done. This tradition of hard work has made its way through four generations of the family, and as we’re about to enter our 90thconsecutive hop harvest, we’re so proud to honor our family’s hop farming legacy and the woman who started it all.

Stop by either taproom this Sunday to receive 20% off all Leota Mae products – pints, growlers, crowlers, and 6-packs.

Cheers to you, Leota Mae!

1801 Birchfield Road
Yakima, Washington 98901

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1801 Birchfield Road
Yakima WA 98901