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August 12, 2022

Hot Tub Lifeguard Release Party

Join us for the release of Hot Tub Lifeguard Pineapple Mango Fruited Sour! With a cannonball of real pineapple, mango, and lime purees added into the fermenter, this champagne-colored sour is as crisp and refreshing as a cold plunge after a hot soak.

Hot Tub Lifeguard will be available at both taprooms on Friday, 8/12.

Seattle taproom: Can and draft release with YOXI and Hot Tub Lifeguard popsicles!

Yakima taproom: Can and draft release, dance party with DJ Dom from 5-9pm, giveaways, and YOXI and Hot Tub Lifeguard popsicles!

Drink up, y'all. Bale Breaker is on duty.

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