You Are Not Alone Hazy IPA

You Are Not Alone Hazy IPA

How to get your hands on our newest hazy IPA, You Are Not Alone. 

For a few months now, our team has been brainstorming the best way to launch beer shipping to our Washington customers – sometimes, a little thing like a pandemic is just the kick in the pants you need to get it up and running. This week, we unrolled beer shipping to Washington customers on our website. Swing by our beer store and select the case you’d like - $20 flat rate shipping is included. We’ve put together a couple of Variety Packs for you – a Classics Case, with all of our flagship faves: Topcutter, Bottomcutter, Field 41, and Leota Mae. Or grab our Imperial Case, if you’re looking for something a little more high-octane. You can also grab cases of all our favorites, and order You Are Not Alone as a standalone.

About You Are Not Alone:

Brewed as a part of a PNW-wide show of solidarity organized by Reuben’s Brews, You Are Not Alone is a fruit-forward hazy IPA we’re calling “Imperial-ish”. Clocking in at 7.9%, this IPA drinks pretty dry, without a lot of bitterness, and showcases some of our favorite hops and new techniques. We cooled the whirlpool down, something we haven’t done outside of our pilot system, and added our hops directly into the whirlpool. This helped pull out some interesting qualities in the hops– like HBC692, which is known more for its barrel-aged, oaky aroma: when added directly to the whirlpool, we found some interesting coconut qualities. Citra, Loral, Mosaic, Ahtanum, and Cashmere round out our hop profile in this bad boy. You’ll also find pineapple, peach, citrus, and floral aromas.

Where to Find It: 

You can order You Are Not Alone to be shipped directly to your house if you’re in Washington state on our website. We’ll also be selling it at tomorrow’s Drive-Thru (along with a handful of Mother’s Day goodies), and beginning Monday, March 11, you can find this hazy IPA at the following spots around Yakima: 

100% of the profits of You Are Not Alone will be donated to We Are Yakima, a collaboration between ourselves and I Heart Yakima to support those out of work in Yakima’s food/beverage industry. Learn more, refer a friend, and donate here.

Posted May 08, 2020

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