Yakima Valley dreaming - c'mon smell the hops

Yakima Valley dreaming - c'mon smell the hops

Check out this fun article written by Neil Sowerby, a British food and beverage journalist who writes for the Manchester Confidential and came to visit the Yakima Valley last hop harvest.

Yakima Valley dreaming – c’mon smell the hops
Neil Sowerby savours craft beer suppliers' down home heartland
AND I’d been pronouncing it ‘Yah-KEE-mah’ all this time, when it should be ‘YACK-i-maw’. Unfamiliar with Yakima? The name does crop up on craft beer cans, the contents of which increasingly rely on its prime product, hops. Oh, and it’s a lovely laid-back place to hang out in – preferably with a beer or two.  [Read More]

Posted January 18, 2018

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