Where to Find Homegrown Beer No. 5

Where to Find Homegrown Beer No. 5

With the holidays behind us and a new year under foot (although it does appear this one is shaping up to be to be just as insane as the last year…), we’re focusing on our 2021 resolutions: drink more beer. 

To be fair, that’s our resolution every year. No “dry January” for us – not when there are so many great options on the market. Plus, it’s been a rough year for those of us in the beverage industry, and taking a month off from supporting our peers seems like a silly move. So we’re going to keep on keepin’ on with our beer drinking selves, and help you if you have a similar resolution. 

We released Homegrown Beer No. 5 last month and it’s likely on a shelf near you now. This series is our pride and joy: we grew everything that went into that beer – the hops, of course, but also the barley. No.5 is an ode to our roots: a crisp, fruity West Coast IPA, clear enough for you to read a book right through it. We packed it with our homegrown hops – 5 varieties give it a complex fruity aroma, supported by our homegrown Pilsner, Munich, and Dextrine barley malts. 

So how can you find this tasty winter treat? WA customers can always have it shipped directly to their door by yours truly. We also encourage you to find it near your zip using our beer finder – or see below for a list of bars, bottleshops, and stores that are selling it in our wider regions. As always in these crazy times, we recommend calling ahead to make sure these stores still have stock (it’s a limited release and goes fast!) and double checking the hours/to-go policies in place.

Without further ado, find Homegrown Beer No. 5 near you:


Eastern/Central Washington:

Western Washington:


Posted January 07, 2021

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