Desert Bite IPA: For the Winter Enthusiasts

Desert Bite IPA: For the Winter Enthusiasts

The third beer in our IPA rotator series, releasing Friday and available into March, is a fruitier and heftier beer that we dubbed Desert Bite IPA.

Winter days in Yakima are short and dark, with cold nights and bright, chilly days. We brewed Desert Bite with those tough conditions in mind – a beer for those who take on the elements no matter the season. Desert Bite has a higher ABV and above-average bitterness compared to our other two rotators. It’s an IPA that sticks to your bones and will keep you warm throughout the coldest time of year. 

Yes, Desert Bite has a fruity flavor blast (with notes of pineapple and mandarin) and a higher ABV than the previous two IPA rotators. But the differences in these IPAs come down to more than just the hops and the flavors – our goal with the rotator series was to capture the ever-changing, challenging environment that makes up the backbone of our home, the Yakima Valley.

We know and love that craft fans can often also be fans of the great outdoors. Count us in that group: our team here at Bale Breaker typically hits the slopes, plays hockey, floats the river, and all-around values the great outdoors at all times of the year. Even though the hustle and bustle of our busy summers is now dormant and the Valley appears to be a sleepy place, there are plenty of locals heading up to the mountain, White Pass, taking advantage of the endless sno-park forest access via snowshoes and cross-country skis, and staying active on the nearby hiking trails of the Cowiche Canyon Conservancy.

That cold, dry desert air we know too well here in Yakima was the inspiration behind an above-average bitterness in this beer. It wouldn’t be winter without that chilling bite in the air, requiring layers of moisturizer and chapstick to repair the cracked, worn-out skin of desert dwellers that don’t hibernate. That takes a fighting spirit and we’re celebrating the winter adventurers who don’t let a little snow get in the way of enjoying life.

Desert Bite, our January-March IPA rotator, will feature Pahto (HBC 682), a newly developed hop variety known for its smooth bitterness. Pahto is especially near and dear to our hearts, having been planted in our very own Field 41 for the 2019 growing season. Take this beer with you to the mountain or end the day with it by the fire as you thaw your bones from getting after it in that biting cold winter air. 

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Desert Bite is releasing in the taproom today, January 17, from 12-9pm. You can also always find Desert Bite near you by using the beer finder on our website. 

Posted January 17, 2020

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