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Wet Hop vs Fresh Hop vs Dry Hop

Wet Hop vs Fresh Hop vs Dry Hop

[Nick Hines @ Vine Pair] "Every year as summer fades into fall, a new crop of beers starts to pop up in American taprooms. Fresh hop and wet hop beers now regularly sit alongside the dry hopped (and, more recently, double dry hopped) IPAs released by innovative brewers. Servers often encourage you to taste the fresh and dry hop beers as soon as you can because they come but once a year and expire quickly..." [Read More

PS Yep, we name Piled High as a Fresh Hop, but so-called wet hops are used! What you need to know is this: whether you are drinking a Piled High Imperial Fresh Hop or a Citra® Slicker Wet Hop IPA, know that the hops were delivered from our family's farm (just four minutes from the brewery) and deposited directly into the hop back! 



Posted October 18, 2017

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