Fresh Off The Grid: West Coast Canned Beer Roundup

Fresh Off The Grid: West Coast Canned Beer Roundup

Better get a bigger cooler before that next camping trip!


West Coast Canned Beer Roundup

After setting up your campsite on a warm summer day, there’s no better sound than the fizzy hiss and satisfying crack of a beer can being opened. Let’s be honest, getting outdoors can sometimes be a struggle: packing up your gear, battling traffic, setting up at the site, but the sound of an opening beer signals a mental shift. Everything it took to get here is behind you. Now is the time to relax. Now is the time to open your eyes, take a look around and enjoy. 

When it comes to camping, canned beer is by far the best option. Not only do cans keep out light and oxygen that can taint the beer’s taste, but cans are also shatter-proof, stackable, chill faster than bottles, and can be crushed – making it easy to “pack ’em in and pack ’em out.” And, of course, they’re recyclable!


Posted July 22, 2015

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