The Great Pilsner Goof of 2020

The Great Pilsner Goof of 2020

When we released Bale Breaker Pilsner last August, it felt like the whole world was against that release. It was a real exercise in patience – first, there was the pandemic, of course. Then, after the subsequent shutdown, came the can shortage. Suddenly cans we had ordered and counted on having in time for targeted release dates were being pushed back with no end in sight, and we had to face the real possibility that, with no outlet for draft, we could run out of cans to package up our newest releases for fans to try.

So we made some contingency plans – we had a ton of Leota Mae and Hop Country cans we didn’t need to use right away, and we quickly got some sticker labels we could attach on the outside of those cans. Was it the prettiest plan for a brand-new release? Of course not. But would it affect the taste of the beer in the slightest? Nah. So we pivoted – wrapped up some Hop Country cans in Pilsner labels (yes, you can see the other label poking out underneath, it was 2020 baby, we did what we could) and planned for a release.


And then we ran the brand new boxes through our packaging line and made the hilarious discovery that the boxes had somehow printed upside down. At this point, we just had to laugh. The 2020 curse was upon us and if we needed to put Pilsner labels on Hop Country cans and then stuff those double-labeled cans into upside down boxes… so be it. 2020 was the Wild West.

Despite those setbacks, the beer was tasting amazing, and we were stoked to get it out and to our customers. Sure, we would have preferred to give you a taste of this crisp, classic pilsner on draft, but the drive-thru was a fun way to release it so you could enjoy it at home and we made it work. Hearing from our customers that they were loving it made it all worth it – the rave reviews started rolling in on social media and on untappd, and we knew we had hit something special with this beer.

We’re all agreeing 2020 was just a goof, right? We’ve said goodbye to that nonsense year, and as our taproom has slowly gotten back into the swing of serving you draft, let’s all pretend we’re now releasing Pilsner for the first time. This timing is coinciding nicely with the fact that Pilsner is now in larger grocery stores across our Washington, Oregon, and Idaho distribution channels – in actual Pilsner cans and right side up boxes, believe it or not! So come into the taproom and grab a pint, and be sure to pick up a 6pk to go from our taproom, from our online beer store, or from a store near you

Bale Breaker Pilsner is a crisp, classic pilsner that carefully balances malt and hops with notes of breakfast cereal, floral, and citrus. Brewed with local Simcoe®, Loral™, and Palisade® hops grown on the brewery’s family farm in the Yakima Valley.

Made in the classic German style with noticeable hops and no adjunct malts. This local Pilsner is made with all Pacific Northwest hops, which bring additional citrus and berry fruit notes and less floral character compared to traditional European noble hops. Available now.

Posted May 14, 2021

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