The Story Behind Hazy L IPA

The Story Behind Hazy L IPA

We admit we’re late to the hazy party, but we can explain. It probably doesn’t seem obvious, but we are perfectionists when it comes to putting a beer in a can and we’re certainly proud of that even if it means missing out on some of the hype from time to time.

For the past year or so, we’ve been cranking out hazy after hazy in our Imagination Station trying to refine our processes and get the best beer together to unleash on the grocery shelves of the Pacific Northwest. Local fans probably remember a few of these tasty beers: from Irieshun to Ticket to Ride to Higher Flower to last year’s Bubba’s Brew, we were constantly cranking out (over 30 recipes!) to test what we thought was the ONE to throw into cans. If you were one of the lucky few to try one of these beers outside of Yakima, a tip of the hat to you as they were super-limited, and only a handful of bars got their sticky hands on a select drop of kegs of these beers.

After more finessing and some major failures, we finally landed on what is now Hazy L IPA, a beautifully balanced “West Coast Hazy IPA” with approachable bitterness and a crisp and crushable finish. These are requirements for our team at Bale Breaker. If a beer is cloying or overly sweet, our sensory panel will kill it faster than you can say hazy. It has to be ripe for everyday drinking, and if it’s not refreshing, in the case of a hazy, overly yeast-ridden and shelf instable, it wasn’t going to work out for us. Who wants their hazy to taste like soy sauce or Dawn dish soap after a month? Yuck.

One other point we negotiated when deciding on this beer was the right balance of which hops to flavor this baby with. One night around a conference room table, we debated for an extra few hours outside of our scheduled meeting time to discuss the purpose and destiny of this beer and it all centered around the hops that graced the recipe. Too much Sabro or too little? The agony! That’s how passionate we are about our craft. 

Of course, in true Bale Breaker fashion, there is a story about the farm behind this beer. And while it doesn’t exactly have anything to do with harvesting hops like Topcutter IPA, it is a fun fact and something we’re proud of, hold strong to, and try to remember every time we put a beer into package for distribution: this beer is born of generations of family blood, sweat, tears and hard work. It’s not just one year of brewing that brought us here, it’s generations. We are masters of hops and hop aroma; it’s born and bred into us and out of us with every recipe we craft.

The name Hazy L IPA comes from the cattle brand that our great-grandparents, B.T. and Leota Loftus farmed in the early 1900s. Their brand was the “Lazy L,” marked by an L lying on its side. We’re stoked to resurrect this brand as a nod to our roots, and we hope you enjoy our take on a Hazy IPA, hitting grocery shelves now and available all year long. Use our beer finder to locate it near you!


Posted February 07, 2020

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