The Perfect Pair(ings)

The Perfect Pair(ings)

[Ryan Messer Via Yakima Magazine // Photos by Chad Bremmerman ] Few things make me happier than a great meal. If you feel the same, you can achieve satisfaction with a little extra effort in planning your meal. The perfect meal means including a perfectly matched beverage to wash it down.

The correct beverage can come in a variety of forms. Some may enjoy juice or milk with breakfast, while others may add Bailey’s to their coffee or mix a bloody mary with their Sunday brunch. For many adults, dinner pairs better with beverages made exclusively for them; the alcoholic kind.


After getting advice on pairings for my own meals, I asked some locals from our craft beverage industry if they could provide suggestions on what pairs best with their offerings.

I contacted Bale Breaker Brewing Company’s head brewer, Kevin Smith, to see what he suggested to pair with one or two of their beers. He told me about the Dormancy Breakfast Stout, made with locally roasted Costa Rican beans from Lincoln Avenue Espresso. It obviously has a bit of a coffee taste, but also has some biscuit and chocolate notes. For fall pairings, he said it is delicious with meat pies and desserts. For the IPA lover, he suggested either their dominant Top Cutter, or recent lineup addition of Leota Mae, to pair with white fish or spicy Asian food. “The hops knock down the spice. It finishes clean and doesn’t weigh heavy on your stomach,” he said. [Read More]

Posted November 13, 2017

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