The Hoppiest Beers: Find us at Hop Mob 2017

The Hoppiest Beers: Find us at Hop Mob 2017

Along with the talents from Reuben’s Brews, Standard Brewing, and Cloudburst Brewing, Bale Breaker's Triple IPA (Mount Saint Humulus) was highlighted in this Seattle Times Hop Mob preview article. Bale Breaker took top honors out of 38 entries at the WA Hop Mob Kickoff event at Brouwer's Cafe on Feb 2. 

"When just a plain IPA isn’t hoppy enough … Hop heads, get ready. (Or wince if you must.) Here comes a drink fest of Triple IPAs, the hoppiest of all beer events, with 49 local breweries rolling them out for Hop Mob (Feb. 2-12)." --Tan Vinh

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Posted February 01, 2017

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