Seattle's Best Tap Handles includes Bale Breaker

Seattle's Best Tap Handles includes Bale Breaker

[Jacob Uitti @ Seattle Weekly] "Some are eye-catching, others reserved. Some are tall and wide, others smaller. But making these things takes ingenuity, thought, and intention. Brewery owners wonder what their beer brands should look like—how they should be represented in pubs and bars all over the city. All this hard work and imagination should be celebrated once in a while! Therefore we bring you our six favorite local tap handles..."

On Bale Breaker " There’s just something fun about Bale Breaker’s tap handles. This Yakima brewery is in the thick of everything modern and Pacific Northwest when it comes to suds, and it shows in its tall and wide handle, flowing with faux hop fines..." [Read More]

Posted October 19, 2017

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