Sesiones Del Migrante: Partnering with La Casa Hogar

Sesiones Del Migrante: Partnering with La Casa Hogar

La Casa Hogar Executive Director, Laura Armstrong, and Board Chair, Priscilla Trevino, invite you to learn more about La Casa’s role in the Valley, our partnership with immigrant and migrant farm-working families, and how Mango IPA fits in.

Yakima Valley is oriented around agriculture; in fact, Yakima is the leading county in Washington state in the production of hops, apples, sweet cherries, pears and so much more. In 2018, Yakima supplied about 42% of the world’s hops—the critical ingredient in any beer.

Hop companies in Yakima generally incorporate immigrant, migrant and guest-workers: those who call Yakima home and those who may not. In 2017, Bale Breaker and Yakima Chief Hops reached out to La Casa with a desire to donate proceeds from Sesiones Del Migrante Mango IPA, a beer brewed in partnership with US and Mexican breweries to celebrate our immigrant and migrant neighbors who are vital to Yakima Valley.

As a Yakima-based nonprofit of nearly 25 years with a commitment to partnering with Latina immigrant families to connect across cultures and offer education, La Casa Hogar joined the partnership. Through this collaboration, YCH, Bale Breaker and La Casa hope to inspire beer-drinkers around the world to pause and take a moment to recognize that beer around the world is brewed because of our Yakima Valley neighbors who help harvest and process the hops that are then shipped around the state, country and world!

La Casa Hogar is a ‘second home’ to many of our adult students. We offer three core programs across Yakima Valley: a) Adult Education (including English, pre-GED, leadership development, civic engagement, & nutrition); b) Citizenship education and legal services (over 1,140 of your Yakima neighbors are U.S. Citizens thanks to this program); c) Early Learning (for children ages 2-5 who otherwise do not access pre-school, offering them preparation for kindergarten so that they can start from the same place as their peers). Each year, the dollars donated to La Casa through Mango IPA have increased to over $6,500 in 2018, as more people join the vision and drink the beer! Every one of those dollars gets immediately reinvested into your Yakima community, your neighbors, and the programs mentioned above.

La Casa operates with a $700,000 budget in 2019, and employs 16 impressive individuals. All of La Casa’s team members are bilingual, and 15 of the 16 are Latin@. More than 50% of the team began as adult students at La Casa Hogar originally. As a team of staff, adult students, and board members, we believe in the resilience, strength, intelligence and power of our community and develop leadership from within.

Partnering on the Mango IPA project has brought new funds and new friends for La Casa. We’ve appreciated both Yakima Chief and Bale Breaker in their partnership over the last three years and look forward to what’s next!

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Posted June 07, 2019

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