Hop Country’s Triumphant Return

Hop Country’s Triumphant Return

We re-released Hop Country at our Yakima taproom for the third year last Saturday, March 6th. Hop Country will be hitting our regular distribution channels in 12oz 6pks later this month.

It’s rapidly become one of our favorite traditions: every year, as the days begin to stretch a little bit longer, as the temp slowly begins to rise, and as the green arms of hops begin their steady climb up their trellises, we release Hop Country Session IPA. It signals to us that spring has come and the long, cold dormancy of winter is behind us. We love this beer - a beer made for the slice of high desert we hail from. It’s easy-drinking at its finest: perfect for floating the river, hiking the canyons, or just sitting in a folding chair in your front yard, feeling that much-missed sun on your face.

We started our IPA Rotator Series to show that here at Bale Breaker, we know there’s more than one way to IPA. As fourth generation hop farmers, we’re proud of our deep roots in the hop industry and feel it’s our duty to honor our legacy by showcasing our family-grown hops in as many ways as possible. We love to experiment and find new ways to utilize our hops, but our IPA Rotator Series is a nod to our roots- hop-heavy IPAs, showing off the best of the best aroma hops we can grow. We start with Hop Country in the spring: a sun-packed, aromatic IPA, lighter and easier-drinking than our usual fare. We release Desert Bite every winter: a beer with a higher ABV and above-average bitterness that sticks to the bones and gets you through those colder months. And this year, we’ll be coming out with a new Rotator in the late summer/early fall, to usher in harvest and celebrate the busiest time of year in the Valley.

This year, it feels more meaningful than ever. When we released Hop Country for its second year last spring, we had just closed our doors in what we thought would be a temporary hiatus. Our taproom had turned from a gathering place into a bit of a dumping ground of boxes of merch and growlers ready to be filled for our weekly drive-thrus. Hop Country felt like a beacon of hope – every time you crack open a can of Hop Country, you can practically feel sunshine hit the back of your neck and imagine yourself floating down the Yakima River, cool beer in hand. The summer of 2020 wasn’t what we expected, by any means, but Hop Country felt like optimism in a can and helped get us through. 

This year, it feels more than ever that seeing Hop Country on the shelves is ushering in a brand-new season for all of us. Our taproom is slowly but surely reopening, our team is getting used to seeing new friends at the door instead of just staring at one another’s masked faces day in and day out, and it feels like life is restarting. You can accuse us of waxing poetic, but it feels like every time we take a sip of Hop Country, the birds begin to sing just a tiny bit louder.

Come on by this week to pick up a fresh pint or 6pack to go of Hop Country, order it online to be delivered straight to your door, or find it at a store near you in early- to mid-March. We hope you enjoy it.

Posted March 11, 2021

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