If you’ve been with us since the beginning, you’ve most likely seen a natural shift in character throughout the five years Bale Breaker has had its doors open. Some folks may see change as bad, but we see it as an opportunity to evolve with our current fanbase and not miss out on the chance to connect with even more beer enthusiasts.

However, we didn’t want to forget our roots entirely. Our core four beers are still the bread and butter of Bale Breaker and because of that, we wanted to pay homage to their namesakes.

Each new can features an icon distinctive to each type of beer to help it stand out in the lineup of other craft brews down the beer aisle. We named the Topcutter IPA and Bottomcutter IIPA after the unique tractors used during harvest to remove hop vines from both the ground and the top of the trellis. The Field 41 Pale Ale after the hopfield our family plowed down to build the taproom, and the Leota Mae IPA after the woman who started it all for us back in 1932 – the year before Prohibition ended.

Don’t worry, the classic recipes that define the core four will stay the same, but we wanted to sharpen our brand and make it easier to recognize as we continue to develop new recipes and expand our distribution.

Change is good, change is what our industry is all about – but we can’t appreciate change without paying our respects to the past. With this rebrand, we hope to do just that – tip our hats to the innovation that came before us but continue to modernize our craft through creativity and collaboration, and stock the fridges of Pacific Northwest beer lovers.  

With that, we’re excited to debut our four new cans right before Thanksgiving – a time of reflection and gratitude of the pilgrimage before us and the opportunity to evolve the story.


Posted November 16, 2018

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