As we welcome back the return of Mount Saint Humulus Triple IPA - releasing at both taprooms today - we sat down with co-owner and brewmaster Kevin "Smitty" Smith to chat about what makes this beer so special and why it became an annual spring staple.

When was Mount Saint Humulus first brewed? 

We first brewed Mount Saint Humulus for the Triple IPA Roadshow in February of 2015. It was a celebration of some the biggest, hoppiest beers in the state.

What made you want to continue to re-release this beer?

We wanted to keep releasing this beer because it is a showcase of everything that we love about beer. It is so irresponsibly hopped that it is almost a novelty. It is a very difficult beer to make but it is something that we all love to do one time a year!

Tell us about the recipe – how long did it take to come up with/perfect? What sets it apart from other triple IPAs?

The first two or three years, the Mount Saint Humulus recipe was always evolving as we were learning the art of making a Triple IPA. What is difficult about this style is finding the appropriate balance between malt, hops, and booze. It is easy for the malt or booze to detract from the hop character if one isn’t careful. Over the last couple years, we finally settled on a recipe that we are very proud of. It is mostly base malt with a touch of Munich and Vienna malts. Then it is hopped with Citra, Simcoe, Mosaic, HBC 630, Pahto, and Ahtanum. We hand selected some of our favorite hops from all over the aroma spectrum in order to build its complex aromatics. What sets this beer apart is its drinkability. At 10% ABV, it still comes off as very smooth and drinkable. Be careful!!

Where did the name “Mount Saint Humulus” come from?

Mount Saint Humulus is just a nod to our volcanoes that live in our backyard while also giving a nod to the hop plant (Humulus lupulus). When we first brewed this beer, we joked that it was an eruption of hop aroma! That’s what we really are striving for in the creation of this beer. By naming it Mount Saint Humulus, we can credit two of our favorite things, hops and volcanoes.

Dying to see what all the hype is about? Mount Saint Humulus will be available on tap and in 4-packs to-go today at both taprooms. It will also be hitting our usual distribution footprints across WA, OR, and ID, keep an eye on our beer finder to find a pack near you.

Posted May 13, 2022

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