Mango IPA one of 10 beers that taste like summer treats

Mango IPA one of 10 beers that taste like summer treats

[Text by Lee Breslouer] Ah, summer: the season for stuffing one’s face full of fresh fruit, ice cream, and carnival food. Thinking of double-fisting a handful of blueberries and a fudgsicle to wash down that cotton candy cone? You’re in luck, because greedily gorging yourself on such sweets like a 3-year-old who hasn’t learned to use a napkin isn’t just acceptable during these 93 days of sticky heat -- it’s the norm!

Luckily for us beer lovers, summer is also the time in which plenty of beers are brewed to reflect the flavors of the season. From an orange creamsicle-inspired brew to one that has a “Country Time lemonade vibe,” here are the beers that’ll allow your tastebuds to truly appreciate the summertime. [Read more] NOTE: Sesiones del Migrante Mango IPA will be released Sept 7, 2017 in can and keg. Look for it throughout Washington and Northern Idaho for a limited time. 

Posted August 12, 2017

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