Make the Most of Your Summer Visit to Yakima

Make the Most of Your Summer Visit to Yakima

Make the Most of Your Summer Visit to Yakima 

Bale Breaker fans who make the trek to Yakima every summer know about the miles of hops that greet them upon arrival to the brewery. But there is so much more to Yakima than just the 40,000 acres of hops within ~50 miles of the brewery, and we can’t wait to share some local tips with you to make it your best visit yet.

  1. Float the Yakima River Canyon. We do it every year as a team to celebrate success and say thanks for the hard work. A designated driver, safe floating gear, and river awareness are very important items to take with you, but it’s a hidden gem of this valley and the best part is that it’s only a cost of about $10 for day passes in the parking lots.
  2. Grab a meal at E.Z. Tiger. Dumplings–need we say more? One of Yakima’s newest and best restaurants, E.Z. Tiger, offers a refreshing take on Asian-Fusion cuisine, great beer options and top-notch cocktails. Get the Jose Rose and tell them we sent you.
  3. Drive the White Pass Scenic Byway. Just 20 minutes outside of Yakima begins the beautiful White Pass Scenic Byway. Drive along desert basalt cliffs and climb all the way up into mountainous beauty outside of Rainier National Park and Packwood, Washington. This is a can’t miss for any Washington resident, and if you happen to be coming or going from the west side of the state, we can’t recommend this drive enough. The long way is worth it!
  4. Go wine tasting in the Red Mountain region of the Yakima Valley. It’s an area that has produced more than its fair share of award-winning wines, and it’s right in our backyard. Designated drivers are essential, but it’s worth the trip to Yakima just to experience these world-class wines. Don’t miss it.
  5. Paddleboard the Yakima River or Rimrock Lake. If you’re into outdoor activities, stand-up paddleboarding is a common activity among locals here in Yakima. Two popular spots, the Yakima River and Rimrock Lake, are the easiest to access and enjoy. Rimrock Lake has a few public beaches and points to access. Life vests are always a good idea, and Mango IPA is the perfect beer for being on the water.
  6. Visit all of the other incredible breweries Yakima has to offer. From Valley Brewing to Single Hill to Cowiche Creek Brewing Co., we’re stoked to see our friends venturing out on the brewing journey and making Yakima a better place in the process.
  7. Hike Cowiche Canyon or Snow Mountain Ranch. Use caution in the summer due to rattlesnakes, but these local nature conservancies are minutes from Downtown Yakima and offer beautiful views of our landscape. Cowiche Canyon trail offers a hike up to Wilridge Winery, and Snow Mountain Ranch offers vistas of Mt. Adams and Mt. Rainier at the top.
  8. Check out the nearby town of Tieton. A powerhouse of arts & culture, this sleepy town offers many summer events along with beautiful mosaics, delicious pupusas, and an incredible arts community that continues to blossom. Check out 10x10x10 opening this weekend!
  9. Go on a tasting tour of taco trucks. You know what pairs well with beer? Tacos. And the Yakima Valley has some of the best tacos in Washington state. We highly suggest Nino’s Mexican Grill, La Monarca in Moxee, Mercedes & Family, Taqueria Los Primos, or just pull to the side of the road and stop at one of the many you’ll see along Nob Hill Blvd, west of the brewery.
  10. Get to Crafted’s 9-11 pm happy hour. If you happen to roll into town on the later side, Crafted is one of Yakima’s best restaurants and has a killer happy hour from 9-11 pm. Dollar oysters. Cheap Montucky’s. Fun local crowd. Don’t miss it!


Posted August 15, 2019

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