Jameson Caskmates Continues to Partner With U.S. Breweries

Jameson Caskmates Continues to Partner With U.S. Breweries

By Mathew Powers for PorchDrinking.com 

The conversation that begat Jameson Caskmates transpired at a pub in Ireland’s County Cork in 2014, eventually evolving and growing into a program that included numerous U.S. Craft Breweries and ultimately a partnership with the Great American Beer Festival (2018 & 2019). Although GABF is virtual this year due to the relentless pandemic, Jameson remains focused as ever on its Caskmates and craft-beer partnerships.

“In 2020, Jameson has continued to strengthen its relationships with our existing brewery partners, and we continue to remain committed to celebrating local communities, including the breweries and brewers that make each one unique,” said Gary Feeney, Jameson Brand Manager.

With Caskmates Whiskey, freshly tapped Jameson barrels are sent to a brewery, which places its beer in the barrel. When they brewery is finished with the barrels, they are returned to Jameson where the distillers age fully mature Jameson into the whiskey-and-beer-soaked-barrel. For the brewing partners in the States, notably those who provided beers at GABF, the process is much more familiar to U.S. beer drinkers: the brewers age their beer in the Jameson barrels. While the two staples involve IPAs and Stouts, the beer recipes offered by brewers the last few years have shown profound diversity.

“Jameson is proud of its connection and commitment to the craft beer community. In 2015 we brought the two together as one with the launch of Jameson Caskmates. Over the years we continued the innovation with our Jameson Brewery Partner program by partnering with up-and-coming and established craft breweries across the country. With each new partnership and launch, we continuously see Jameson fans get excited about the unique expressions,” said Feeny.

Some partnerships have resulted in multiple beers and unique whiskies, such as those developed with Chicago’s Revolution Brewing and Bale Breaker Brewing in Yakima, Washington. “Feeny noted, “Bale Breaker Brewery has been part of the Jameson family for several years now and this Hyperlocal collaboration brought the Jameson Caskmates partnership full circle creating a quality whiskey and a quality beer, together.”

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Posted October 14, 2020

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