Hoptown USA: Your Yakima Brewery Guide

Hoptown USA: Your Yakima Brewery Guide

Welcome to Yakima, Washington: America’s hop destination. Home to roughly 75 percent of the nation’s hop crop, the verdant spectacles of the Yakima Valley’s hop bines tower high in the air, standing nearly 15 feet canopying the rich soil and providing shade from the 200 days of annual sunshine the region receives.

In 2015 and 2016, the valley produced more hops than any other agricultural region in the world. Each August and September, brewers from across the globe make the pilgrimage to this hop mecca, to sample new innovative varieties, conspire with industry cohorts and drink beer from the source. For the first time, the Yakima Valley has a burgeoning brewing scene of its own, utilizing the hops that are grown in its backyard to showcase the ultimate in sense of place.

For beer lovers, the fall harvest is the best time to visit the Yakima Valley. As your designated driver delivers you from one craft brewery to the next using this weekend guide, you’ll pass the soaring bines, lush with matured hop cones and flowers, awaiting their harvest and inclusion in your next favorite beer. 

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Posted October 11, 2018

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