Hop Country Staycation Winner

Hop Country Staycation Winner

Okay, we may get a bit teary-eyed here.

It's been a hell of a year, and we weren't quite sure how to launch the second year of our Hop Country Getaway. Last year's contest and win was all about showcasing the best of the Yakima Valley, at the best time of year. We wanted to stay true to that, but we knew we couldn't exactly fly our winner out here and offer up a hop farm tour, with the pandemic raging and all. 

So we decided to do our best to bring Hop Country to the winners - by sending them a Bale Breaker x Yeti cooler, a $200 gift card, and a handful of Bale Breaker merch. Same as last year, we wanted to leave the contest rules open ended: just showcase your love for us, however you please.

And wow, did you all pull through. Maybe it's the fact that we haven't been able to see our customers face-to-face in over 6 months, maybe it's just the emotions of experiencing *gestures wildly around us* all of this, but this year's entries felt extra special. So many creative, funny, and downright touching entries came pouring in, and it was a true struggle to pick our winner. 

Without further ado - here are the 4 runners-up who each got a Bale Breaker x Yeti can cooler, and a $25 gift card:

Meet Leota Mae. That's right, a puppy NAMED AFTER our family matriarch and her namesake IPA. How could we deny this sweet face?

Do yourself a favor and click through to watch this amazing video take on the "Rotator Series".