Announcing the Hop Country Getaway winner

Announcing the Hop Country Getaway winner

September is a bustling time here in the Yakima Valley. With hop harvest comes a unique experience for our visitors to see what we really mean when we say ‘We don’t just make our beer. We grow it.” So when we decided to run a giveaway last month, we knew exactly what the prize should be: a one-of-a-kind experience in Hop Country, USA. The rules were simple. We asked our audience to submit videos, photos, or testimonials, showcasing their Bale Breaker love. The results were pretty outstanding – we received countless hop photos, photos of fans in their fave Bale Breaker merch, and even an adorable stop-motion video showing our history.

It’s an understatement to say that our job picking a winner was difficult. But ultimately, one entry blew us away by doing exactly what we had hoped this contest would do: showcasing their love of this brewery throughout the years and explaining exactly what Bale Breaker has meant to them.

Without further ado, check out this amazing entry from this year’s #HopCountryGetaway winner, Kari Kuznecov:

“So this is my entry,

I thought instead of staging one awesome photo I would just show you my real-life experience with Bale Breaker and my friends (neighbors) who love your beer too. They are in some of these pics at Bale Breaker and Hop Fest. They in fact completely converted me from a only Pilsner and malty Porter drinker, to a hop girl and I am forever grateful.

 Hop Country Getaway winner1  

The gang, Todd on the left, Meg in the Bale Breaker Hoodie (my neighbors), at Hop Fest two  years ago.

Hop Country Getaway Winner 2

Me, Kari Kuznecov

Hop Country Getaway Winner 3

Enjoying every drop!

Hop Country Getaway Winner 4

My hubby

Hop Country Getaway Winner 5

Admiring the Fresh Hops

Hop Country Getaway Winner 6

Finding Leota Mae at the tiny little border crossing town of Northport Washington. We live just across the border in Rossland, BC and we get gas and parcels there from time to time. Now more gas and six packs!

Hop Country Getaway Winner 7

Again me buying out the Safeway in Colville, Washington. Out of country longer so can stock up! Basically, my whole American holiday revolves around maximizing how much beer I can bring home! Can be tricky!

Hop Country Getaway Winner 7

Dropping a gift bag for the manager/brewer of my local brewery, Rossland Beer Co. Check it out! We ski Red Mountain Resorts (5 min drive), it’s killer!

Hop Country Getaway Winner 9

Snagged a photo with this guy, who did not know me but I was hanging with folks who know him. It was so I could give my other neighbor a hard time for baling on this trip as he claimed Bale Breaker is his favorite American Brewery! Smitty, what a sport! Thanks for the photo and thanks the outstanding beers 🍻 Cheers to you Bale Breaker!”

Posted September 11, 2019

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