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Good Neighbors Q&A With Brewmaster Kevin

Good Neighbors Q&A With Brewmaster Kevin "Smitty" Smith

This Saturday, May 30, from 12-5pm at our weekly Drive-Thru we're releasing Good Neighbors Hazy IPA, the first in our Imagination Station series and a collab with our friends at Varietal Beer Co. We caught up with Co-owner and Brewmaster Kevin "Smitty" Smith to chat about this collab.

What brought about this collaboration between you and Varietal Beer Co? 

This collaboration came about as a fun way to solve a minor problem. Our friends at Varietal Beer Co. have moved to canning all of their beer because of COVID. However, scheduling mobile canning can be tough and, at the time, they had all of their fermenters full of beer waiting to be canned a few days later. They had a unique yeast strain in house, called Kviek, and didn’t want it to die while they were trying to empty their tanks. So, we did what any Good Neighbors would do. We came up with a kick ass hazy IPA in order to keep the yeast alive.

Tell us about the brew day - how were you able to maintain social distancing and safe COVID-19 practices during this collaboration? 

Only their head brewer, Chris, came out to the brew day, so it wasn’t too hard to manage social distancing. Also, Chris knows his way around our brewhouse from his days working here. That allowed us to step back and let him get his hands dirty a time or two. Then, he promptly sanitized them.

Tell us about the beer! How did you come up with the recipe?

Chris and I have made numerous beers together. So, this recipe wasn’t too hard to put together. After about half a dozen texts back and forth, we knew we had found a winner. You know what they say, great minds think alike. 

Good Neighbors is the first in the Imagination Station series – Can you tell us how you came up with this series and what we can expect from the series in the future? 

The Imagination Station was born from scratching the creative itch. We wanted to goof off on our pilot system and test the bounds of our brewing imagination. So, we made an off-shoot, catch-all brand that basically says, “brewers just wanna have fun.” Keep your eye out for more from this series: hazy IPAs, experimental IPAs, sour beers, fruit beers, or basically anything that sounds like a kick in the pants!

How can we find Good Neighbors to try it? When is it available?

Good Neighbors Hazy IPA is releasing at tomorrow's 12-5pm Drive-Thru, and you can also order it online now for delivery early next week. 

Posted May 29, 2020

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