Girl Meets Hops: The Basic Fall Necessities: Fresh Hop IPAs and Football

Girl Meets Hops: The Basic Fall Necessities: Fresh Hop IPAs and Football

By Marguerite Washut, BBBC Marketing & Events Coordinator

The fatigue of hop harvest is finally wearing off just in time to go straight into another busy season: fall. Otherwise known as football season in my household.

According to my husband, there are four seasons: winter, spring, summer, and football. It was made very clear in the beginning stages of our relationship that fall was off-limits. If we were to get married, I couldn’t have my dream fall wedding (still not bitter about that AT ALL), Saturdays were strictly for either tailgating or waking up at the crack of dawn to ESPN’s College GameDay and watching back-to-back games ALL.DAY.LONG, and heaven forbid, if we were to be invited to a fall wedding, I just simply had to accept he would be that guy watching the game on his phone underneath the table during speeches.

But after a college career worth of football seasons together, I have eventually caved in and embraced the craziness. Hey, if I can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em – right?!

Tailgates, whether at home or away, have become our thing. We both love to host and being from a house divided (he’s a Husky, I’m a Coug – #GOCOUGS!), we’ve learned that there’s no better way to bring rivals together than with a good beer. And not just any beer, but a Fresh Hop IPA – fresh off the heels of harvest. It’s almost as if God planned hop harvest and football season to perfectly align with one another. ;)

Now, I understand most people would be hesitant to reach for an IPA due to the higher ABV rating than say your standard mass-produced beer-flavored water when day drinking, but my argument is why settle for a subpar beer that you will most likely gulp down in quick succession than a high-quality IPA you can actually enjoy and want to savor each sip? If the reason why fans are settling for these generic lighter beers is so they can avoid being “overserved” and actually make it to the game – then my rebuttal is to simply drink responsibly. And by responsibly, I mean with higher-quality beer that actually has real flavor and a greater potential to make you feel fuller and satisfied without lowering your standards. I mean, would you expect your team to play mediocre football to avoid getting hurt? Exactly. Not to mention, nothing pairs better with BBQ than a nice, cold IPA.

Since working at Bale Breaker, I have had access to the freshest of fresh hop IPAs and other high-quality brews to bring to tailgates and I must say, it has truly enhanced my overall experience. Especially when I’m west of the mountains and having to endure a Dawg game. ;) Friendly rivalry aside, seeing stadiumsarenas, and ballparks alike embrace craft beer by having it on tap at games proves fans are starting to raise their standards by demanding drinkable options while they cheer on their favorite team. Drink good, feel good – am I right?!

This Saturday, whether you’re at the game, at a bar, or watching from the comfort of your couch - use Bale Breaker’s nifty little Beer Finder to make sure you’re not cheering on empty-handed.


Girl Meets Hops: A monthly column about an amateur's quest to find out what's behind the buzz.

Posted October 29, 2019

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