By Marguerite Washut, BBBC Marketing & Events Coordinator

Spring has sprung in the valley, which means it’s officially brunch season. My favorite time of year!

I’m known to make brunch happen regardless of the temperature. If the suns out, you bet I’m out on a patio eating avocado toast with a bottomless mimosa in hand. (My personal record was brunching for 8 hours straight - not to brag or anything.)

And now that I’m on my way to becoming a seasoned beer snob thanks to Bale Breaker, I found myself ordering a Hazy IPA at brunch the other day without giving it a second thought. My husband turned to me in utter disbelief that I didn’t go with my usual grapefruit mimosa and exclaimed, “ARE HAZY IPAs YOUR NEW MIMOSA?!”

By golly, I think they are!

I mean, with all of the fresh ingredients around the valley, why settle on store-bought, low-shelf champagne and concentrated juice when you can opt for a fresh off the farm® Hazy IPA?! But then, I tried the Glitter Princess Birthday Mimosa Brut IPA we recently brewed for our 6th birthday party and my world was turned upside down. It is truly what beermosa dreams are made of (with an added sprinkle of glitter on top)! What more could a city slicker, brunch loving, basic bitch like myself ask for? Nothing, I tell you. 

All of which brought me to my idea for this next blog post: How to make sure I’m drinking the freshest beer possible.

I don’t know about you, but before I worked at Bale Breaker I had no idea what it meant to drink a fresh beer. If it was in my fridge, I drank it, only God knew how old it was but I was none the wiser. I also just assumed if I didn’t like the beer, it was because I simply didn’t like it – never occurred to me that it could very well have been stale. However, now that I’m privy to such things I can certainly tell the difference and let me tell you, it’s like drinking wet cardboard. So, once again, lend your ears while I tell you a brewtime story. 

BEERS HAVE A SHELF LIFE. No, not in the way that food has an expiration date and will make you sick. Beer won’t make you sick. Well, if you drink enough of it and/or if you have an allergy, sure, fine – you’ll get sick. But “expired” beer can’t get you sick, but it does taste like wet cardboard. 

The best way to avoid finding out what wet cardboard tastes like is by checking the packaging date on the bottom of the can or outside the box - if the brewery is kind enough to include it. For most Bale Breaker beers, if it’s within the glorious 120-day window, you’re in for a good time. If it’s outside that window, consider yourself warned.

Another thing to avoid? DON’T LEAVE YOUR BEER IN THE CAR. Ask yourself: would you leave your dog or baby in the car? (The answer should be and absolutely is HELL NO!) Beer is best if it’s kept cold. If you walk into a grocery store/taproom, buy a 6pk (or 12pk if you’re really feeling rowdy), leave it in your scorching hot car, then transport it to your fridge and expect it to be super fresh by the time it hits your lips, you’re in for a rude awakening. A lot of love and labor goes into that 12oz. can. Treat it appropriately.

And while this certainly isn’t the last tip, but to cut to the chase, VISIT A TAPROOM. Beer, especially Bale Breaker beer, is freshest from the source. So come visit Field 41 at 1801 Birchfield Rd. this summer and taste the difference for yourself.


Girl Meets Hops: A monthly column about an amateur's quest to find out what's behind the buzz.

Posted April 24, 2019

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