Fuzzy Logic Q+A with Brewmaster Kevin Smith

Fuzzy Logic Q+A with Brewmaster Kevin Smith

We took a few minutes to sit down with Brewmaster Kevin "Smitty" Smith to hear the back story behind our latest canned release, Fuzzy Logic Hazy IPA. 

What is the Bottleshop Collaboration Project and how were we approached to participate? 

The BCP is a collaboration between 11 bottleshops located in the Puget Sound area. The project starts when somebody involved with the BCP will approach a brewery that they would like to work with on making an exclusive beer. We were approached in late 2018 about being a part of this project and quickly accepted. Since then, we have been chipping away with the bottleshop owner on getting this beer to the public.

How did we come up with the beer recipe/ talk about the creative process behind that? 

We all wanted to do something hoppy from the inception. After some back and forth, we decided to make this our first canned Hazy IPA, which is a big step for us at Bale Breaker. The recipe was crafted with the idea of showcasing a unique blend of hop aromas without sacrificing drinkability. We also worked diligently on creating the right amount of haze that should allow the beer to be colloidally stable in the can. We only brewed about 300 cases, though, so don't expect it to stay around long!

What’s the story on the name? 

I think my brother-in-law Kevin Quinn randomly came up with the name. I loved it instantly. It’s a great name for a hazy. Surprised it was available for use. 

Tell us about the brew day.

A few of the bottleshops made the trip over the mountains for brew day. Like all the best collaborations, we made a killer beer, drank a few, and enjoyed some of the best burritos in the Yakima Valley. It was smooth sailing. 

What food pairs well with this beer? 

Burritos. Duh. But also, sharp cheeses, Hebrew National Hot Dogs, fire-grilled hamburgers, potato salad, anything you can enjoy outdoors with friends and family on a beautiful summer evening. But mainly, burritos…

Any other plans to can more beers like this one? 

Many more plans in the works, as we're trialing many hazies in the Imagination Station. Stay tuned for the freshest haze this side of Vermont!

Grab a Fuzzy Logic at BCP locations now and in our taproom on July 3! $16 per 16 oz. 4-pack. Limit one per person. While supplies last.

Posted July 02, 2019

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