Connecting our farm to your fridge

Connecting our farm to your fridge

It’s spring, and this time of year always makes us a bit nostalgic; all of the important prep work that goes into a successful hop harvest is starting to pick up. Root digging, burning back new growth, and twining are all important parts of the spring season on the hop farm to ensure high quality Loftus Ranches hops will be shipped to brewers around the globe. It definitely gets us excited for the summer months when the hops are at their luscious green peak, which means fresh hop beers are right around the corner.

Make a point to visit us this summer! July, August and September are the best months to see hops in their prime, and we’re planning a few things around the brewery to make a richer experience for you to do so. Stay tuned on that.

We’ve been chatting a lot here at the brewery about what it means to be on a hop farm and what it means for our team, our beer, our taproom and more. We love that beer is all about community and connection. Come to our taproom and you’ll see all walks of life catching up over a Topcutter IPA, freshest, of course, right out of the tap here in Field 41.

When we started the brewery, the main reason we did so was to have an opportunity to channel the four generations of hop expertise and connect the end consumer (that’s you, beer drinker) back to the hop farm. The only use for hops is to make beer, and there is no reason to grow them otherwise. For years, the hop farm existed as a hidden aspect of beer; hops farms weren’t a thing to beer drinkers. Much like the rest of the farm-to-table movement, we’re glad for the increased interest in what is behind the products we put into our bodies.

Beer is just the same. Especially with IPAs, they are best consumed fresh, kept cold, and brewed with high quality practices and ingredients. Bale Breaker believes that and embodies it every single day. Consistency and quality are key, and we’ve known that from our background in hops as well. Our farm wins awards nearly every year for the high-quality hops we grow, and now we have an opportunity to take some control back and show the world how we would showcase our hops and how well we know and love hop aromatics. This is our expression of beer, and we’re glad there are people out there who like it too.

We promise to share more about on life on the farm. It’s hard work, it’s dirty, but when the work is done, we slow down. We have time. And with time, we connect with friends, family and community over a beer. So, our purpose here at Bale Breaker is to connect our farm to your fridge. Cheers!


Posted April 19, 2019

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