Bale Breaker Week 8 Drive-Thru Menu

Bale Breaker Week 8 Drive-Thru Menu

JOIN US ON Friday, May 22, from 3-6pm, and saturday, MAY 23, FROM 12-5PM FOR OUR WEEKLY BALE BREAKER DRIVE-THRU:

It's going to be so nice, we're doing it twice. Join us this FRIDAY as well as our usual Saturday hours for a double whammy Mango IPA release. From 3-6pm on Friday, we'll be slinging our cans, growlers, and kegs, and then we'll be back at it from 12-5pm on Saturday. Plus, everyone's faves Guerra's Gourmet will be joining us on Saturday with pre-packaged goodies, their amaaaazing spices, and some fresh produce to-go.  Can't wait to see you at the Drive-Thru! 

We're also selling this Dormancy Smokin' Haberno Sauce from Silagy Sauces. Pick up a bottle for all your Memorial Day bbqing needs for $8 at the Drive-Thru.

For the drive-thru, there's no need to order ahead! Just pull up to the tent on the SE corner of the building (by the loading dock), stay in your car, and we'll have a cashier run out to meet you. Bring a credit card - no cash. We'll have a runner bring out your order to your car, and you'll be good to go. Easy, contact-less, and safe!



 Pre-Filled Growlers ($15 for new 64oz growler, no exchanges)

Bottled Beers ($15)

Kegs-To-Go for kegerators (no party pump rentals).  Please email your order to by Saturday at 10am, so we can have it ready for you! $100 keg deposit, unless you have an empty Bale Breaker keg to exchange. 

1/2 bbl for $152, 1/6 bbl for $80

1/2 bbl for $190 | 1/6 bbl for $100

1/2 bbl for $205 | 1/6 bbl for $110


Posted May 19, 2020

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