Bale Breaker Week 23 Drive-Thru Menu

Bale Breaker Week 23 Drive-Thru Menu

JOIN US ON friday, sep 4, from 12-6pm for special curbside hours. We'll have our normal 3-6pm curbside hours on friday, and come by SATURDAY, Sep 5, FROM 12-5PM FOR OUR WEEKLY BALE BREAKER DRIVE-THRU.

We've been through a lot to bring you this Bale Breaker Pilsner, and let us tell you, it only tastes sweeter due to the strife. From spending months and months perfecting this recipe, to working on getting it into cans (a bigger challenge than you may expect!) we're finally ready to release it to the public starting at this Thursday's 3-6pm curbside hours. We're extending our Friday curbside from 12-6pm to give you more time to stock up before the holiday weekend, and will have our usual 12-5pm Saturday Drive-Thru. Come by and grab it - this first run is quite the collector's items. From our upside-down boxes, to our wonky labels (yes, you can see another label peeking out underneath - due to the can shortage, we've had to wrap unfilled Hop Country cans with the new Pilsner label), this run is sure to bring a smile to your face. We promise, the beer tastes great, regardless of the packaging. 

Curbside and drive-thru have the same rules: no need to order ahead, unless you'd like a keg. For curbside, pull up to the taproom door, and for the drive-thru, pull up to the tent on the SE corner of the building (by the loading dock), stay in your car (with a mask on), and we'll have a cashier run out to meet you. Bring a credit card - no cash. We'll have a runner bring out your order to your car, and you'll be good to go. Easy, contact-less, and safe!




Pre-Filled Growlers ($15 for new 64oz growler, no exchanges)

Bottled Beers ($15/bottle - $40/3pk)

Kegs-To-Go for kegerators (no party pump rentals).  Please email your order to by Saturday at 10am, so we can have it ready for you! $100 keg deposit, unless you have an empty Bale Breaker keg to exchange. 

1/2 bbl for $190 | 1/6 bbl for $100

1/2 bbl for $205 | 1/6 bbl for $110

Posted September 02, 2020

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