Collabasaurus IPA Q+A with Brewmaster Kevin Smith

Collabasaurus IPA Q+A with Brewmaster Kevin Smith

We caught up with brewmaster Kevin "Smitty" Smith to hear about Collabasaurus IPA, our collab brew with The Hidden Mother out of Spokane, WA, and Grand Teton out of Victor, ID. 

Tell us a little about collabs in the craft beer scene. Where did they come from and about how many do we participate in?

The craft beer scene has always been a collaborate landscape. Most brewers seem to be not only willing, but excited to share and borrow information from their friends. I have walked away with useful information from basically every collaboration I have ever participated in. Right now I have us on the books for 33 collaborations this year (between breweries, restaurants/bars, and non-profits), and I imagine that number will be higher before the year is over.

What is the Collabasaurus and how were we approached to participate? 

Our friends from Hidden Mother approached us to see if we wanted to be a part of a 3-way collaboration at their brewery in Post Falls, Idaho with their friend Grand Teton Brewing out of Victor, ID. We had collaborated with Hidden Mother before, and knew it would be fun. Also, it gave us a chance to meet the guys from Grand Teton Brewing. It was not a hard decision. We quickly accepted.

How did we come up with the beer recipe with so many different breweries involved? 

Hidden Mother and Grand Teton had chatted about the malt bill, sent it our way, and we were stoked about it. Then said we were the hop guys and let us take the reins on that. We brought over some Simcoe, Loral Cryo, Mosaic, Cryo, and Sabro. When we showed up for the brew day, we all stood around smelling the hops and chatting about dosing regimens and ratios. After a short while, we had the hops all sorted and the brew was well on its way.

What’s the story on the name? 

Well, after a few beers and maybe a little bit of scotch, one of the guys from Grand Teton threw out the name Collabosaurus and we all thought is was pretty rad. To be honest, that was one of the easiest named collabs that I have been a part of.

Tell us about the brew day. We hear it was pretty fun!?

The guys at Hidden Mother took great care of us. While we did very little of the work, we worked hard on getting through all the beer we brought over. There was a lot of bullshitting about fly fishing and backcountry skiing, we grilled up some hot dogs and burgers, and ripped through a hefty amount of beer, scotch, and cigars. Not to mention the irresponsible amount of Smirnoff Ice that was getting forced upon unsuspecting people…

Where will this beer be available? 

BBBC, Hidden Mother, Grand Teton, and on tap in North Idaho and Central and Eastern Washington. 


Want to be part of this collab of all collabs?! Join in on our collaboration coloring contest featuring the beer's artwork. Download it for yourself and send us your art at by midnight on 7/22. Cheers!

Collabasaurus IPA Artwork

Join us for release parties in Yakima on July 22, Spokane July 23, and Coeur D' Alene on July 24th!

Posted July 18, 2019

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