Clarifying our IPA rotator series and announcing Desert Bite IPA

Clarifying our IPA rotator series and announcing Desert Bite IPA

Word on the street is that our fans didn’t know that Hop Country Session IPA and Golden Grit IPA were part of a rotating IPA series we launched at the release of Hop Country this past spring! Our bad–but it’s true; if you loved Hop Country, it’s gone for the season and Golden Grit has taken its place for the fall. Plus, we’ll launch a heftier IPA, Desert Bite, this winter to wrap up the first year of the series. The good news is that Hop Country will be back again this spring, so if you crushed that baby all summer long, you get to do it all over again. 

We're stoked to share this final can and beer in the rotating series with you guys, Desert Bite IPA. How rad is that can?! 

The idea behind this series was born of our belief here at Bale Breaker that there is more than one way to IPA. We want to show our fans that when it comes to IPAs and hops, we really, really know how to brew them. It’s just who we are to the bone. Hops are in our DNA because we come from a fourth generation hop farm. Can you blame us? Hop aroma is our jam: after all, our family hop farm grows some of the best Citra® in the world, not to mention all of the other killer aroma varieties that we specialize in, namely all of the hops featured in all of our classic beers. 

While Topcutter IPA is a killer beer, there’s more to life than Topcutter. For instance, Golden Grit features the coveted HBC 630, a new experimental hop that is super-limited in supply, but is likely to take over as the next big hop in the game. And Desert Bite, our January-March IPA rotator, will feature Pahto (HBC 682), a newly developed hop variety known for its smooth bitterness. Pahto is especially near and dear to our hearts, having been planted in our very own Field 41 for the 2019 growing season.

The differences in these IPAs come down to more than just the hops and the flavors – our goal with the rotator series was to capture the ever-changing, challenging environment that makes up the backbone of our town. Here in Yakima Valley, 42% of the world’s supply of hops are grown, able to thrive because of our rich, volcanic soil and plentiful sunshine. Our land is challenging – the winters are cold and bitter, and the summer temps skyrocket during our busiest time of year.

We started our series with Hop Country, an ode to our roots and an attempt to capture that Yakima Valley sunshine in a beer. Spring and summer is a time of awakening here – the hops begin to climb their trellises and the Valley begins to fill with those searching out the beer promised land. As we spend our afternoons and weekends floating down the river or swinging our clubs, we keep a can of this sun-packed, aromatic IPA on hand. 

As fall rolls into the Valley, the hard work begins. Workers are out from sunrise to sunset and back again, doing the backbreaking work required to harvest hops off the bines. Golden Grit is our attempt at capturing that September light into a golden, clear, West Coast IPA. It’s for the workers, the soil, and the community members who know what true grit and perseverance is, and exactly what it takes to get those hops into your beer.

The third in our rotator series, to be released this winter and available into March, is the heftier Desert Bite. Winter days in Yakima are short and dark, with cold nights and bright, chilly days. We brewed Desert Bite with those tough conditions in mind – a beer for those who take on the elements no matter the season. Desert Bite has a higher ABV and above-average bitterness compared to our other two rotators. It’s an IPA that sticks to your bones and will keep you warm throughout the coldest time of year.

These beers represent more than just our love of hops – we’re capturing the heart of the Valley, celebrating the changing seasons and showcasing the hard work that goes into every IPA we brew. Golden Grit is slowly running out of stock throughout our normal footprint, so be sure to pick some up and try it if you haven’t already! Use our handy beer finder to find some near you, and keep an eye out for our Desert Bite release – hitting stores mid-January!


Posted December 13, 2019

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