The Bubba Behind Bubba's Brew

The Bubba Behind Bubba's Brew

Bale Breaker owner, Meghann Quinn, shares a bit more about the man behind Bubba's Brew and why we started Ales for ALS in 2013.

With our biggest fundraiser of the year, Ales for ALS, just around the corner and the 7th iteration of Bubba’s Brew fermenting away, I wanted to take a second to reflect on the inspiration behind this fundraising effort - a man known to many as “Bubba”.  

Bubba is my uncle (my mom’s older brother), Scott Hanses.  He was diagnosed with ALS just over 8 years ago, and in April, he celebrated his 62nd birthday.  Most ALS patients don’t live that long after their diagnosis – the average survival time is three years post-diagnosis.  (My grandfather, Bubba’s dad, only lived about 9 months after he was diagnosed with ALS in the late-1980s.)  I saw Scott/Bubba recently, and although it’s getting hard for him to speak, he said that if someone would have told him at the time of his diagnosis that he would have 8 more years to live, he would have said “F*ck yeah!”  He is a complete inspiration of what true courage and strength look like in the face of this debilitating disease.  His spirits are always high (literally, ALWAYS), and he likes to say that once he beats ALS, he can’t wait to be behind the bar at Bale Breaker serving beers and yucking it up with the regulars.  When you ask him how he’s doing, he takes a big deep breath to muster up strength and will say something like, “Couldn’t be better!” with a big smile on his face.

He’s always been the most charismatic, gregarious man with the best laugh and sense of humor, so to see what this disease has stolen from him is devastating.  He was the inspiration behind us starting Ales for ALS back in 2013, and of course, the name of our Ales for ALS beer, Bubba’s Brew.  He’s always had a close bond with both my younger brother (our brewmaster) and me – he nicknamed my brother ‘Bubba’ when he was a toddler, and they started referring to each other as ‘Bubba’ over the years.  When he got married, I was six, and his wife had a daughter my age.  At first, I was NOT a fan of my new cousin, since she was getting more time with him than me, but we ended up becoming best friends.  Probably so that I could hang out with my favorite uncle more often!  We nicknamed him ‘Scotty Potty’ when we were little and thought it was the funniest thing in the world.

He grew up in Yakima, has a massive group of friends, is an avid UW Huskies fan (and alum), loves his family (he has three daughters – the oldest I mentioned earlier, and two younger), has been happily married for nearly 30 years (my aunt is his primary caretaker and an absolute saint), and his oldest just gave birth less than two weeks ago to their first grandchild. My cousin had a little girl, and they named her Scout (as close to Scott as they could get for a baby girl). 

He’s a man full of life, even though ALS has taken so much life from him.  There still is no treatment or cure for the disease, so while the money raised through Ales for ALS might not cure my uncle (although we won’t give up hope!), my family has a genetic strain of ALS.  We’re hoping a cure is just around the corner that can save not only the siblings/cousins in Scott's generation, but the generations of Hanses’ to come.

Please support our efforts to #endALS by attending our Ales for ALS event on Saturday, June 29 when we will release this year’s Bubba Brew, or by making a monetary donation to ALS TDI, a research-based biotech non-profit dedicated to finding a cure for ALS -


Posted June 13, 2019

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