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Introducing our Brewshed ® IPA

Introducing our Brewshed ® IPA

Here at Bale Breaker Brewing Company, our number one priority is to brew high-quality beer. The key ingredient in beer is something we interact with constantly in our everyday lives: water. The higher the quality of that water, the higher the quality of our beer. That’s why we’ve partnered with Washington Wild to brew Brewshed® IPA (6.9% ABV | 67 IBU), a limited release that will be available exclusively in Seattle-area PCC stores this October. A portion of beer sales will go to WA Wild and their Brewshed® Alliance to defend, protect, and restore Washington’s wild lands and watersheds. 

Did you know that most beers are 90-95% water? As our most abundant brewing ingredient, water needs to maintain a high level of quality. Water has an impact in every single step of the brewing process. Poor water quality will negatively affect the beer flavor, aroma, clarity, and shelf-stability. Protecting our watersheds is vital to maintaining that quality. 

So what exactly are watersheds? Watersheds are the source of our ground water. The water we use in our beer comes from the city of Moxee, which uses a combination of three artesian wells that draw from an aquifer. This aquifer is replenished by the surface water that comes from the snowpack in our watersheds. Most of that water is filtered as it drains from the surface through permeable sand and rock layers, stripping contaminants from the surface water out. However, the cleaner the surface water that feeds the ground water, the cleaner the water is by the time it makes it to the brew kettle. What it ultimately boils down to is this: a clean watershed means cleaner surface level water, which leads to cleaner ground level water and cleaner water in our aquifer. This means we have to do less to treat the water in order to get an acceptable water profile.  If our watersheds had large amounts of contaminants and those made it to our brewing water tanks, it would have a negative impact on our beer due to an increase in treatments to get the water up to our quality standards. 

Another positive benefit of clean watersheds is the impact on Washington’s endangered salmon population. Our Brewshed® IPA is brewed with salmon-safe® hops from Roy Farms. Salmon-safe hops are eco-certified if grown with farming practices that protect water quality, maintain watershed health, and therefore help to restore salmon habitats. 

The goal of Washington Wild’s Brewshed Alliance is to protect our wild waters – which both allows Pacific salmon to thrive and creates superior downstream beer. Plus, in our Quality Manager Brian Logan’s words, “Protecting our watersheds makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside.” It’s an important cause in and of itself, and we want to help for that reason alone.

Pick up a can of Brewshed IPA at Seattle-Area PCC’s in the coming weeks and be sure to swing by our taproom soon to try a pint. Pints will also be available at the following locations in the Seattle area:

There’s nothing better than drinking a beer to give back, especially in the name of protecting our beautiful Pacific Northwest environment while you’re at it.

Posted October 23, 2019

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