The Six Best Washington Breweries Outside Seattle

The Six Best Washington Breweries Outside Seattle

Beer in Seattle is good. It’s hoppy and sour and English and Belgian and hoppy and even if you wander aimlessly around town you can still find a good beer on tap.

But you aren’t always in Seattle, are you?

Sometimes you visit one of the three national parks surrounding Seattle, or perhaps you cross the Cascades and head into the drier half of our state, where things are less green but still beautiful. What do you drink when you leave the city limits and venture into the great unknown, where there's no Holy Mountain or Chuck’s Hop Shop to turn to?

Fear not, there is plenty of great Washington beer brewed outside of Seattle. Here are six breweries that are worthy destinations in their own right and certainly worth visiting the next time you leave the Seattle metropolitan area.

Bale Breaker Brewing (Yakima Valley)

You’ve probably already tried Bale Breaker’s balanced and aromatic Field 41 Pale Ale or their boozy Bottom Cutter Double IPA. This Yakima brewery sends six packs to grocery stores across Seattle, but the brewery is still worth a visit, especially during the late summer.


Bale Breaker is not only a brewery but also an industrial hop farm. The family that owns Bale Breaker has been growing hops in the Yakima Valley for over 80 years and their commercial hop farm encircles their large brewery and taproom. Visit between July and September and you'll be surrounded by acres of towering hop bines.

You should order a flight so you can try both their flagship pale ales and experimental beers. Hoppy beers almost always taste better when they are fresh so a Field 41 in Yakima will likely taste a little different than what it’s like off the grocery store aisle. And since Bale Breaker is also a hop farm they have access to brand new hop varietals, giving you the chance to taste hops you've never heard of. The experimental hop on tap at Bale Breaker this year might be next year's "it" hop.

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Posted August 01, 2018

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