Beer to Bring to Your Holiday Party: Field 41

Beer to Bring to Your Holiday Party: Field 41

Seattle Times staff reporter Tan Vinh asked a couple of experts for advice for his next holiday gathering— about wine, yes, but because Washington is such a hoppy, beer-loving state, also a certified cicerone.

Chris Elford, co-owner of the new craft-beer bar No Anchor, in Belltown, was the beer guide, and Vinh gave him three parameters:

1. Give me a few lower-priced but excellent beers that make your money go a long way.

2. Give me a few pricier or unusual pairing suggestions, for if I wanted to impress the in-laws.

3. The selection must be easy to find in wine and beer stores.

And Bale Breaker Field 41 Pale Ale topped the list! Elford says:

“It’s a killer example of what this part of the world does better than anywhere else: hops. From Yakima, this beer is low enough in alcohol that you won’t fall off your chair, and the initial bracing bitterness gives way to a refreshing juiciness. It’s becoming a modern classic…”

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Posted November 09, 2016

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