Beer Packaging: A Plan, A Can, A Fan

Beer Packaging: A Plan, A Can, A Fan

By Adrienne So for Sip Northwest

This summer, thousands of people across the Pacific Northwest will face a time-honored, and possibly paralyzing, conundrum: We will all walk into a store, or peer into a cooler, and decide what to drink.

With hundreds of breweries in the region, the competition is only getting stiffer. While a great design can't elevate a mediocre beer, a beautiful one can help a good beer immensely. At best, a beer can does much more than indicate the brewery, the style and the ABV. Each one is a handheld, miniature billboard that catches the eye, engages the imagination and tells a story.

While great brewers can come up with a recipe all on their own, a can design is often the result of complex, whimsical and sometimes completely coincidental collaborations between breweries, design agencies and artists. We hunted down some of the stories behind our favorite cans to bring you the tales of how they dressed your beer.

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Posted August 01, 2019

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