Beer and Skiing: High Camp Winter IPA

Beer and Skiing: High Camp Winter IPA

Beer and the outdoors are a match made in heaven. Most craft drinkers are big outdoors people and you can count the team here at Bale Breaker in that group, especially when it comes to skiing. Every year, we are stoked to brew and release High Camp Winter IPA, a beer with humble origins that has grown in popularity. This beer dates back to the early days of Bale Breaker, as our first winter seasonal brewed in 2013. While only available as a draft beer, High Camp has drawn a following in the Pacific Northwest over the years. It’s named for the High Camp Lodge at our home mountain, White Pass Ski Area.

White Pass holds a special place in the hearts of Bale Breaker owners, Patrick, Meghann, and Kevin.  We have fond memories of early morning wakeups to make it to ski school on time, hot chocolate breaks in Sitzmark Lodge, and exploring the best tree skiing routes together. While this photo wasn’t taken at White Pass, these little skiers spent a lot of time getting fresh ON the slopes of our local mountain. Additionally, our Production Manager, Brian Logan, spends his weekends at the mountain on the White Pass Ski Patrol, and we take team bonding trips up to the mountain each year to let loose before the busy season comes again and work hard takes the place of play hard. 

We don’t only show the love for White Pass, however.  Our seasonal employee, Brent Van Itallie is a big skier and will spend his winter up at Crystal Mountain before coming back to work with us next summer.  Our Western WA sales manager, Sara Verdieck, plans fun events at The Summit at Snoqualmie, and rumor has it, we may have something special in store for those guys this winter too.  Our other owner, Kevin Quinn, grew up shredding at Schweitzer Mountain and his grandfather, Jack Quinn, is a Schweitzer legend, skiing over a hundred days a year into his early-80s.

In the past, we’ve released High Camp at one of our favorite taproom events of the year - our annual Fresh off the Slopes 80s Ski Party. This year, we released High Camp in October to give fans early access to the more malt-forward flavors that High Camp offers.  It started hitting the market this week and can be found at most places you’d typically see Bale Breaker on draft. It’s also helpful to use our beer finder for some specific locations.

Good news is you still have time to plan your outfit for our Fresh off the Slopes Party where we dress as ridiculously as we can, do a little snow dance, and drink beer out of shotskis, all in the name of benefitting the White Pass Ski Patrol, a cause we’re proud to support because…safety first!  Save the date for Friday, November 22nd in the taproom!

Check out more photos from last year’s Fresh off the Slopes Party here

High Camp Winter IPA 7.2% ABV / 80 IBU

The use of Rye and Chocolate Malt give this IPA its unique color and flavor. Spicy notes come from the Rye Malt, while the Chocolate Malt lends this beer a bit of sweetness and its reddish color. However, do not be fooled by the color. This beer is still finished dry and is hopped to the nines. Tasting notes: Moderate aroma intensity. Balanced hop and malt flavors with notes of caramel, dark malt, coffee, citrus, pine and spice. Balanced sweetness and medium-full body with moderate bitterness.

Posted November 01, 2019

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