Makin the Beer Go Round: Alex Dahlin

Makin the Beer Go Round: Alex Dahlin

[Part of the #wearebalebreaker series] When you're smashed up against the outside car of a roller coaster, centrifugal force is thrilling, especially when compared to your washing machine’s spin cycle (dullsville). But as a tool for beer clarification, centrifugal force can be effective and consistent, and Alex Dahlin is our resident expert.

As cellarmaster, Alex is the man at the helm of our GEA Westfalia Centrifuge, installed in late 2016 as part of Bale Breaker’s production expansion. With our focus on heavily hopped beers, adding a centrifuge to Bale Breaker was a priority so that we can work to maintain great hop flavor and aroma while achieving bright, clear beer. Centrifuges whirl the beer around at high speeds so that denser solids like yeast and hops spin out of the liquid through gravitational force. 

The appeal of homebrewing lured Alex away from a potential career as a math teacher or getting pulled back to the family farm with his three siblings in Zillah. So, after completing his math major at Central Washington University, he pursued the CWU Craft Brewing Certificate, and was off to a career in beer. He was scooped up at Bale Breaker in November 2014.

Is working at a brewery different than you thought?
Yes. In school, you learn the science and the math of brewing, you’re ready to apply it all, then you show up on day one, and they say “go clean that tank!” But in all seriousness, the positive attitude of craft beer is just as fun and rewarding as I thought. 

What’s the best thing about working at Bale Breaker?
The people. Everyone shares the same focus to make a great product. It is rare to find a job where you can consider everyone your friend. There’s a laid-back spirit combined with a desire for excellence—that shows through in the beer and in the Taproom.

What do you do when you’re not at Bale Breaker?
Hang out with my wife, Becca, play golf or tennis, or walk with our border collie Nahla.  


Three words to describe working at Bale Breaker:
Challenging. Exciting. Hoppy. 

Favorite food to make at home:
Lasagna (he will not reveal his secret ingredients).            

Beer & Pizza or Beer & Burger?
Beer & Pizza (pepperoni & green peppers)

Two movies you’d take to a desert island:
The Matrix and Happy Gilmore

Posted June 26, 2017

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