9 Years of Bale Breaker, 91 Years of Homegrown Hops

9 Years of Bale Breaker, 91 Years of Homegrown Hops

Today we, somehow, find ourselves turning 9 years old. 9 years of serving beers to our community – 9 years of chatting over the bar with our regulars, hosting birthday parties and fundraisers and celebrations of life, cranking out Imagination Station releases with new, experimental hops straight from our family’s hop farm. 9 years of parties and beer releases and hot summer days out on the lawn. It’s been an amazing journey – sure, one full of hard times and challenging periods, but mainly full of joy and celebration and community and really, really delicious beer. We could not be more grateful for our community for helping us reach this point – and are still in awe that next year will be a decade of Bale Breaker. We’re already planning that celebration, don’t you worry.

Join us this week to celebrate our 9th birthday – we’re throwing a big ole 90s party on Friday in Yakima (featuring a special glitter mimosa beer – because why not?!), we’re having a hop plant sale on Saturday at both taprooms so you can join our family’s hop farming legacy, and we’re kicking off the festivities today with the release of our latest: Homegrown Spring IPA.

This beer feels particularly right to release today – Homegrown is our estate series: a series of beers that showcase our homegrown hops AND homegrown malt. Homegrown is such a nod to our heritage that releasing it on our 9th Anniversary feels right, especially because the number 9 has a double meaning this year: it’s been 9 years since we opened, but also 91 years since our great grandma, Leota Mae, planted our family’s first hop crop right here in 1932.

Come see us today for the release of Homegrown, and feel free to wish us a happy birthday – we’ll be celebrating in the taproom today right along with you! Join us now for a walk down memory lane – here’s the long history of Bale Breaker Brewing Company. We may have been established in 2013, but our roots go all the way back to 1868:


Posted April 13, 2022

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