5 Fresh Hop Beers You Have to Drink Right Now

5 Fresh Hop Beers You Have to Drink Right Now

Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas…all special occasions worth looking forward to, but if you’re an avid beer drinker, there’s one special occasion that tops them all: fresh hop season, that short window in fall when the hops are plucked from their vines and rushed into kettles is like Christmas for IPA freaks. The idea is hops are best when used fresh. Like, same day fresh. So all across the country, and particularly in the hop-heavy Pacific Northwest, breweries capitalize on the hop harvest by throwing fresh vines in super dank, super green IPAs. Consider these fresh hop beers the electrified versions of your favorite IPA. They’re so. Damn. Good. Fresh hop beers are hitting the streets right now, and they won’t last; most of these IPAs are designed to be consumed immediately so you get the full impact of what a freshly-picked hop can do for a beer, and they’ll be pulled from the shelves at the end of October. So get on it. Here are five that we’re particularly excited to drink this season.

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Posted October 08, 2018

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