5 Can’t-Miss Yakima Destinations from I Heart Yakima

5 Can’t-Miss Yakima Destinations from I Heart Yakima

While you’re making your way to the sunny side of Washington state to pay a visit to Bale Breaker - located on hop field #41 - to drink the freshest IPA you could ever drink (aka Topcutter), the I Heart Yakima team suggests you kick it up a notch and hang out like a local. Stop and enjoy the fruits and flowers of our beautiful valley, and check out a few of our don’t-miss destinations.

  1. Antojitos Breakfast: Perhaps you’ve already heard about the famous Antojitos, beloved by locals and visitors alike. What you may not know is that Antojitos has one of the most primo breakfasts in town, perhaps even the state. The chilaquiles are lights out, eggs are cooked to order, burritos are bigger than your head, and you can pour all those flavorful salsas on everything. Go eat some eggs wrapped in a tortilla for us, will ya? 
  2. Waterworks Canyon Trail: Seeing that pale green wash of color on the hills is such a delight. And the perfect hike to dive into summer in Yakima is Waterworks Canyon Trail. Past Naches, the trailhead is just west of the “Y” on the right side of Highway 410. You can take in wildflowers, mountain goats, elk, and even bighorn sheep. It is a quad burning, elevation-gaining, 4.2 mile, up-and-back, dog friendly hike – get after it! 
  3. Pour-over coffee at MAK Daddy Coffee Roasters: Our hearts are aflutter for the pour-over coffee at MAK Daddy Coffee Roasters. Especially if you need to meter your caffeine intake, it helps when 1) the beans are sourced from small, independent growers from around the world, 2) they are roasted locally, and 3) the coffee is delish. To boot, a proper pour-over takes time, so you get a moment to breathe and enjoy the MAK Daddy shop vibe while you wait.  
  4. Crafted: Our collective love affair with Crafted runs deep. Owners Dan and Mollie Koommoo are painstakingly passionate about what they do – beautiful, delicious dinners, locally sourced from Yakima as often as possible. Fun fact: they occasionally sling hot dogs on their fun back patio or the sidewalk during big event weekends, and have their own wine. Without a doubt, this lovely restaurant and bar (did we mention their cocktails?) will knock your socks off.  
  5. The Lotus Room: All that food and drink, and still not ready to call it a night? Head to our favorite late-night karaoke spot: The Lotus Room. Tucked into the back of the Golden Wheel, this is dive-bar heaven. They pour a stiff drink and the crowd is always eclectic and enthusiastic (even when your voice is sub-par). Make sure you enter from the parking lot, and walk in like you belong. Settle into a booth, sign up at the table, and you’re now a Yakima local.

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Posted April 26, 2019

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