What's Ahead in 2020

What's Ahead in 2020

When COVID hit earlier in the year, we geared up to be shut down for a few weeks – the first time in our seven years of operating that we’ve closed the taproom for longer than an employee ski day here and there. It’ll be tough, we thought, but we can do it. And now here we are, entering the first weekend of September, and going on 6 months of Saturday drive-thrus and curbside pick-up, missing your shining faces in our taproom. The list of things we’ve missed this year grows longer and longer, but we’re not ones to dwell on the negative. Just like our new harvest t-shirts point out: hey, we may have to wear masks, but we can still smell hops through them. So, join us today as we reflect on some of the things we’re grateful for in the madness that is 2020, and what you can expect from us in the final months of this bizarre, upside-down year.  


Sure, the box may be upside-down, but our Pilsner tastes delicious and we’re so excited to finally bring this labor of love to the market. Come by this weekend and pick up a wonky 6-pack, and then take it with you on your Labor Day adventures. It’s the perfect beer to sip while floating the river, to pack a cooler with and take on a camping trip, or to enjoy in the privacy of your backyard. We’re opening early today, from 12-6pm, so come on by and grab it before you head out of town. And look, we’re fixing the box on the next run, so this is truly a collector’s item. Stock up while you can! 

As draft dried up across our market, we immediately knew we needed to can as many of our beers as we could. And when that first shipment of 16oz blank cans arrived, it felt like we had reached a brand-new peak in our creativity. A series of Imagination Station beers, canned for the first time? SURE, WHY NOT?! Putting In The Lup out for the public for the first time, vs just sending it out for brewers to taste these new and experimental hops? SIGN US UP. Bubba’s, in a can? We decided to take it even further and put TWO beers in cans to support ALS-TDI!  Multiple charitable endeavors, including starting our own fundraiser with I Heart Yakima to help those in need in our own community? Anything to help!

Things that used to take months to come up with and perfect are now being pumped out of our brewfarm in weeks, and sure, sometimes they’re imperfect (looking at you, upside-down Pilsner), but we’re innovating and we’re making our own rules. It reminds us of exactly why we do this work, and although we’re far away from our customers right now, we feel closer than ever. We’re pumping out as many tasty beers as we can, and spreading out the love for our community while we do so. What more can you ask for, as a brewery who values quality, teamwork, and family above everything else?!

We’re going to keep this crazy train rolling and bring you even more delicious treats as we head into fall. Up ahead this year, you can expect:

This year hasn’t gone to plan, but we can’t help but look around and feel a deep gratitude that we, miraculously, have fans like you who keep trying our newest beers and letting us know what you think. 2021 is still a mystery to us all, so feel free to let us know what you want from us in the coming year – our DMs are always open. One thing we can promise you is that it’ll never be boring.

Posted September 02, 2020

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