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Yakima-area beer tourism:‘This is 
the home 
of the hop’

Yakima-area beer tourism:‘This is 
the home 
of the hop’ - July 12, 2017

[Text by Pat Muir, Yakima Herald] A decade ago, with wineries popping up all over the Yakima Valley to take advantage of the area's grape-growing prowess, beer lovers were left wondering, "Why don't we have more breweries?" The majority of the nation's hop crop comes from right here. But back then there was Snipes Mountain Brewery in Sunnyside, Whitstran Brewing Co. in Prosser and Iron Horse Brewery in Ellensburg, and that was really it. Then Yakima Craft Brewing opened in 2007, just as the "... Read More »

ALS is not an incurable disease, only an underfunded one

ALS is not an incurable disease, only an underfunded one - July 11, 2017

The Ales for ALS program continues to grow, raising $1.25 million dollars to date. We're proud to be part of this important work. Plan to be at either Birdies for Bubba or the Kickoff event this weekend! The letter that follows was written by Mike Cheryl Smith to friends, family, and all who support our efforts. [Pic: Scott Hanses, namesake of Bubba's Brew, surrounded by family friends at 2016 event.] "Courage is the capacity to go ahead in spite of fear or pain." These were the words my ... Read More »

Makin the Beer Go Round: Alex Dahlin

Makin the Beer Go Round: Alex Dahlin - June 26, 2017

[Part of the #wearebalebreaker series] When you're smashed up against the outside car of a roller coaster, centrifugal force is thrilling, especially when compared to your washing machine's spin cycle (dullsville). But as a tool for beer clarification, centrifugal force can be effective and consistent, and Alex Dahlin is our resident expert. As cellarmaster, Alex is the man at the helm of our GEA Westfalia Centrifuge, installed in late 2016 as part of Bale Breaker's production expansion. With ... Read More »

Our Local Women of Beer

Our Local Women of Beer - June 23, 2017

[Text and Photos by Shannon Mahre] When people think about breweries, many picture bearded men wearing flannel shirts. While this stereotype can be true, hard-working, farm-raised, educated women are the secret to the success of many breweries around the Yakima area. These women are driven by a passion for hops and for our community. Their feminine prowess brings an element to each business that sets them apart from not only each other, but also from breweries all over the nation... [more] ... Read More »

Sesiones del Migrante/Migrant Sessions

Sesiones del Migrante/Migrant Sessions - June 21, 2017

5 thousand miles, 5 breweries, 2 countries, 1 cause. Sesiones del Migrante is a series of beers brewed in collaboration with Mexican and American breweries to celebrate the Mexican migrant workers who travel to the Yakima Valley to harvest hops for breweries across the globe. Watch a short video introducing #migrantsessions. It was at Cerveza Mexico (a national trade show), where Esteban Silva, of Cervecera de Colima (Colima, Mexico) found his first collaborator: Cerveza Loba (Guadalajara, ... Read More »

Focused on Brewing: Chris Baum

Focused on Brewing: Chris Baum - June 08, 2017

[Part of the #wearebalebreaker series] The scientific method could be considered Chris Baum's brewing compass. Fourteen years as a wildlife biologist honed his keen observational skills, as well as a respect for process and technique. A lifetime of drinking beer, thinking of beer, and now making beer, has certainly helped, too. One of the brewers at Bale Breaker since August 2016, Chris' passion for quality and consistency makes him a valuable part of the team. His mad brewing skills will take ... Read More »

Family, Fun & Flavour: Tom Northwood

Family, Fun & Flavour: Tom Northwood - May 25, 2017

[Part of the #wearebalebreaker series] From the shores of Sydney Harbor to the hop fields of Yakima, Tom Northwood brings international flavour to the Bale Breaker packaging team. His road to the brewing industry began with a youthful love of lagers, and graduated to bartending in his hometown of Sydney, Australia. The flexibility of the hospitality industry led to post-college travel (and a bar gig) in Ireland where he met his future (American) wife, Ashlee. The road less traveled took the new ... Read More »

Hike and a Happy Hour

Hike and a Happy Hour - May 18, 2017

Check out this installment of The Seattle Times series, "A Hike and a Happy Hour." THE HIKE: Umtanum Ridge Crest Trail, in the Yakima River Canyon THE BEER: Bale Breaker! "Welcome to hop heaven. The Yakima Valley produces about three-quarters of the country's hop harvest. Part hop farm and part brewery, Bale Breaker showcases the region's prowess. "We specialize in hoppy brews," said Kevin Smith, head brewer at Bale Breaker. "All of our beers are brewed with hops we're growing on our farm." The... Read More »

Bale Breaker's Oh Beautiful Beer Debut

Bale Breaker's Oh Beautiful Beer Debut - May 12, 2017

"When the official beer of this year's festivities was officially rolled out, it wasn't any singular event that I was most excited about-it was this can. While a favorite of Seattle drinkers, Bale Breaker's brewery is located in Yakima Valley, home to about 75% of American hops. Local heavyweight BLINDTIGER Design skillfully illustrated these cans to be perfectly emblematic of the fields that this beer calls home." -- Oh Beautiful Beer... Read More » reviews Fresh off the Farm IPA reviews Fresh off the Farm IPA - May 09, 2017 reviews Fresh off the Farm IPA: "The Fresh Off the Farm IPA pours a clear, ginger color, with a delicate white head that dissipates quickly. Tiny bubbles leave intricate lacing and cascade down the glass like a Pacific Northwest waterfall. The mouthfeel is crisp, dry and light, with moderate-to-high carbonation that creates a refreshing burst of flavor without weighing down the palate. The nose is grassy with strong citrus tones. Notes of ripe apples and earthy berries combine ... Read More »

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