Sown and Grown Series Release No. 1

Sown and Grown Series Release No. 1

Homegrown IPA

Homegrown hops. Homegrown barley. Homegrown beer.

B.T. and Leota Loftus founded our family hop farm in 1932. 87 years later, we harvested another family first - our first-ever barley crop. And first-ever 100% homegrown IPA. With a legacy like that, there's only one way to make beer: like nobody else.

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**Please Note: All Bale Breaker beer is heavily hopped and unfiltered, so some sediment may be present.

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ABV 6.5%

IBU 55


Malt Loftus family-farmed Pilsner, Vienna, Munich

Hops Simcoe, Mosaic, Loral, Citra, Ahtanum

Yeast BBBC House Strain

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