Imagination Station Beer

Imagination Station Beer

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What is an Imagination Station beer?  In 2017, we started creating new brews on a 5-barrel pilot brewhouse that's an exact replica of our 30-barrel production brewhouse. We use the pilot to test new ideas and get creative, so stay tuned for lots of unusual brews. 
Availability: Taproom only (Kegs not available for taproom retail sale)
8/16/19 Taplist
[Remember, these beers are very limited, so they can change at anytime. Ask your bartender to stock these super-limited release beers.]
NEW! Morning Breeze Hazy IPA* | 6.2% ABV | 52 IBU | Hazt India Pale Ale

What’s that blowing in from the east? Caressing your tongue like a gentle breeze?  It’s maybe the best hazy we’ve ever made, showcasing Simcoe, Citra, and neomexicanus hop Sabro, bred from native American hops. Lemon pound cake, grapefruit zest.  

NEW! Easier Days Kolsch* | 5.5% ABV | 23 IBU | Kolsch

Brewed during our busiest time of the year this beer is a refreshing break from the hop-pocalypse that is the normal Bale Breaker brew day.  This beer has modest hop charge on a brilliantly simple grain bill because overthinking everything gets exhausting.  This light, refreshing palate cleanser is a favorite among the workers when the cellar temps rise…you are lucky they saved you some. What’s that I taste, Malt?  Damn straight!  The pilsner base gives this beer a sweet bready character with a hop profile of lemon grass and sunshine, if sunshine had a flavor.

NEW! Collabasaurus* | 5.5% ABV | 72 IBU| IPA 

Co-brewed by Grand Teton Brewing Company x The Hidden Mother Brewing x BBBC, three breweries with short T-Rex arms made for hugging. Balances Marris Otter Malt with roaring Loral, Citra, & Simcoe additions. Hay, orange peel, floral, raspberry. 

NEW! Another Like You*  | 7.0% ABV | 57 IBU | India Pale Ale 

This beer was brewed with experimental hop HBC 630, first featured in our Fresh Off the Farm cans for 2017 Seattle Beer Week. Bale Breaker has sponsored this experimental hop, helping to bring it through the 10-year process from seed to commercial production, which gives us first dibs at its fruity, tropical, sweet cherry and raspberry aromas!

Bubba's Brew Hazy IPA* | 5.9% ABV | 53 IBU | Hazy India Pale Ale 

 Ales for ALS is a national fundraising campaign, started in 2013 by our family, to raise funds and awareness for ALS research. Each year, Loftus Ranches and Yakima Chief Hops donate a unique blend of primarily experimental hops to breweries throughout the country, asking that the breweries in return donate at least $1/pint to ALS Therapy Development Institute. Since its inception in 2013, Ales for ALS has raised over $2.3 million for ALS research.

Hop Country Session IPA* | 5.4% ABV | 40 IBU | India Pale Ale
Hitch a ride to hop country with this aromatic, sun-packed IPA, the first of our three-part IPA rotator series, With a hop bite like a rattlesnake, this bucking bronco of flavor showcases Simcoe, Mosaic, and Ekuanot. Available in cans! 
Sesiones del Migrante Mango IPA* | 5.9% ABV | 30 IBU | India Pale Ale
We added 28 pounds per barrel of mango puree toward the end of fermentation to preserve the fresh mango character. Then we dry hopped with Citra, Simcoe, and Loral hops to bring out the bright, fresh character of the mango. Proceeds benefit La Casa Hogar. Available in cans!

*Indicates ingredients contain wheat

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